[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r13115 (asmax)

Subversion daemon svn at videolan.org
Wed Nov 2 23:01:07 CET 2005

r13115 | asmax | 2005-11-02 23:01:06 +0100 (Wed, 02 Nov 2005) | 8 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/Modules.am
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/commands/async_queue.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/commands/async_queue.hpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/commands/cmd_vars.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/commands/cmd_vars.hpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/controls/ctrl_resize.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/controls/ctrl_video.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/src/dialogs.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/src/theme_repository.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/src/vlcproc.cpp
   M /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/src/vlcproc.hpp
   A /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/vars/equalizer.cpp
   A /trunk/modules/gui/skins2/vars/equalizer.hpp

* all: first support of graphical equalizer in the skins2 interface.
  It can be defined in the XML with usual sliders, using the new
  variables equalizer.band(0), ..., equalizer.band(9)
  (0% means -20dB, and 100% means +20 dB).
  More things to come, but it is already working as is.
* all: AsyncQueue::push() now does also a remove() by default, as
  the two methods are always called together

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