[vlc-devel] Re: Bringing back the xServe

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Tue Nov 8 13:31:25 CET 2005

On 8-nov-2005, at 10:21, Sylvain Cadilhac wrote:
> Hello,
> Now, we have to bring back the xServe as quickly as possible.
> Could we do this on Thursday?
> Every developper should backup his files.
> TheDJ, is it enough time for you to install the nightly builds on the
> new G5?

I highly doubt it.
I'll be back at wednesday, so I can only start in the afternoon, and  
that is if I'm lucky enough to find an ADC -> VGA converter or a DVI  
screen. Perhaps if i work day and night, i might be able to make it,  
but to be honest i think it's impossible.

I have no data on the machine btw. We should backup the ~videolan  
homedir of course. Can anyone do that?


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