[vlc-devel] Re: Problem while compiling VLC with QTE

j y yunjnz at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 01:07:49 CET 2005

Thank you for your help. 

I added a plugin after reading the document, 
but after compile and run, 
there is also no such interface, 

while run with --extraintf qte, 
the debug information: 

main interface debug: looking for interface module: 0 candidates 
main interface error: no interface module matched "qte,none" 
main interface error: no suitable intf module 
main vlc error: interface "qte,none" initialization failed 

the step I added the module: 
1. add a directory named "qte" under modules/gui/ 
2. just copy source code files in "qt" directory to the "qte" directory and modified a little code for compatiblity for the new version, and rename qt.cpp to qte.cpp, also edit the modules.am file for new module 
3. add AC_CONFIG_FILES section content in configure.ac file for qte module: 
4. run ./bootstrap and ./configure configure-options and make. 
5. that's all, and I didn't find AX_ADD_PLUGINS in the configure.ac file. 
6. run ./vlc -I qte -vvv, just run rc interface, run ./vlc --extraintf qte -vvv, shows the above debug information 

are there any steps wrong? or do I forget some steps? 


Jean-Paul Saman <jean-paul.saman at planet.nl> wrote:
j y wrote:
> Thank you very much,
> then, I want to add the qt interface now, what should
> I do?
> the code already contains QTE module, doesn't it?
It contains a qte_main module to run the application in QT standalone or 
QT application mode.

You should implement a new GUI plugin for VLC in which you module_Need() 
the qte_main module. Look into the developers documentation in VLC 
source code under the directory doc/. Also more information is on the 
Developers website: http://developers.videolan.org

Kind greetings,
Jean-Paul Saman.

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