[vlc-devel] Re: Skins2 Error

Olivier Teulière ipkiss at via.ecp.fr
Fri Nov 11 21:02:03 CET 2005

Hi Mateus,

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005, Mateus Krepsky Ludwich wrote:
> The backtrace and the output of 'vlc -vv -l' is attached in this 
> message.

I see nothing wrong in the output of 'vlc -vv -l'.
Could you tell the output of 'vlc -vv -l --reset-plugins-cache'?
Also, could you make sure that you run the same command in the tree you
used for the compilation (and not the 'make install'ed vlc), so it would
be './vlc -vv -l --reset-plugins-cache'.

> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x082b1b10 in png_filter_row (dst=0x414150a8 <Address 0x414150a8 out of bounds>,
>     filter_type=92, src=0x85a5421 "????????\002\002????????????????",
>     last=0x41414b50 "d\212??Ss\216\221\221\222??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????\237\237\237\234\234\234\230\230\230\224\224\224\220\220\220\214\214\214\207\207\207\202\202\202|||wwwpppiiibbb[[[TTTLLLCCC:::///###\023\023\022\v\f\rOp\213!;Q", size=120, bpp=3)
>     at png.c:311
> #1  0x082b157a in png_handle_row (s=0x858c3e0) at png.c:393
> #2  0x082b14e0 in png_decode_idat (s=0x858c3e0, length=120) at png.c:461
> #3  0x082b0237 in decode_frame (avctx=0x858bfe0, data=0x858b7b0, data_size=0x5c,
>     buf=0x858d950 "\211PNG\r\n\032\n", buf_size=92) at png.c:617

The crash occurs in ffmpeg, which is used in this case to load the PNG
images of the skin. I don't know what you can do to fix this (upgrading
ffmpeg maybe?).
If your goal is to use the skins interface and not the wxWidgets one, a
workaround for this problem is to build the sdl_image plugin, which is
also able to load the images of the skin (but your skin won't be very
usable without the wxWidgets plugin anyway, as the latter is used for
all the dialog boxes in the skin).


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