[vlc-devel] Re: VIA acceleration

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Mon Nov 14 15:37:53 CET 2005

Dermot McGahon wrote:
> Dan,
> I've had a response from Christophe. Since it's a h/w decoder, the 
> method of implementing this does not really fit cleanly into the 
> existing (good) architecture. Deinterlacing and other video filters will 
> not be possible for h/w decoded streams, since the picture data is not 
> available to be modified. Christophe does not have time to port up to 
> svn. The bottom-line is that this is still proof-of-concept work and 
> unlikely to get into the tree in a useful state without substantial work 
> from a vlc developer. And since none of the developers use the h/w, 
> don't expect that to happen as a matter of course.
I have the hardware an am a videolan developer. I responded to the 
original e-mail and offered help to test it. Hereby, again I offer help.

> Christophe is going to send me the code for review anyway. I will not be 
> able to justify spending much time on it, given that deinterlacing and 
> marquee filtering won't be possible.

Could you forward the code to me too. I'll have a look at it and do some 
testing on it.

Jean-Paul Saman

> Dermot.
> -- 
> Dan Brennan wrote:
>> Okay, I'll be available for testing if needed.
>> Dan
>> Dermot McGahon wrote:
>>> Dan Brennan wrote:
>>>> I recently started an HTPC project using a C3/CN400 based board. I 
>>>> saw a post in the archives about someone porting VIA hardware 
>>>> acceleration to VLC. Has this been completed? If not, can I assist 
>>>> in the task?
>>> It is being worked on in-house by somebody. When he is ready, he will 
>>> release it to some developers for porting to SVN and subsequent testing.
>>> Dermot.
>>> -- 

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