[vlc-devel] Fixing RTL (Mainly Hebrew and Arabic) subtitles problems

Barak Ori barakori at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 18:57:48 CET 2005


This patch can be used to address a couple of RTL problems in rendering
subtitles. Please see more information in

I hope the code isn't too much off-style from the original code. I used
counter based loops (with array indexing and not pointer based loops)
because I assume modern compilers optimize these things better than
programmers (using two variables, one for the counter, another for the

I'm quite new to Linux development (it's very exciting to be able to grab
the dependencies and actually build something external, and not in Java),
but have been doing I18N and Localization for many years (including a few
things back when Mozilla became open-source). Hope you consider this change,
I really like VNC, and would like to use it when in need for subtitles (I
currently use MV2Player when I need subtitles).

Best wishes,

Barak Ori
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