[vlc-devel] lip sych problem

serkan bozkurt serkanboz80 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 16:50:55 CET 2005

Hi to all, 

I have a RTP streamer(liveMedia) that streams DVD's. 
I am using VLC for playing RTP streams. 
But I see that there is a nearly 1 second shift
between audio and video. 
Is there a way for VLC for compansating this time
Is this a problem of liveMedia or VLC? 

In fact at first 2 second syncronization is okey but
after 2 second I see 

" audio output is starving (400915), playing silence" 

prints from VLC debug and then synchronization
corrupts .. 

Can we say that is the RTCP synchronization problem of

I mean NTP and RTP timestamp values are not correct in

Please write a few comments on this issue.

Best Regards...

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