[vlc-devel] Possible bug in Control functions of filters

Greg Farrell greg at gregfarrell.org
Fri Nov 25 14:12:44 CET 2005


   I've had crashes in the control function of the deinterlace filter.
It's a small function, all it does it pass the command down to the
control function of it's child vout.

static int Control( vout_thread_t *p_vout, int i_query, va_list args )
    return vout_vaControl( p_vout->p_sys->p_vout, i_query, args );

However, it doesn't check to make sure that it has a p_sys, or a

I've written code to move/resize windows on the fly, and they use this
vout_Control interface. If I do a "stop" in the rc interface quickly
then do a move/resize i can produce a crash sometimes depending I assume
on the race condition of whether or not the "stop" has destroyed the
child vout yet.

I can fix this by putting in a check of:
if ( p_vout && p_vout->p_sys && p_vout->p_sys->p_vout )

Other filters have the same behaviour. I know the reason I'm running
into this is because I'm doing stuff that isn't part of base vlc, but
should these functions not have the checks for NULL anyway?



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