[vlc-devel] Ambisonic playback

etienne deleflie et at lalila.net
Mon Nov 28 03:33:55 CET 2005


The Ambisonic community is putting together a specification for an 
Ambisonic player. We are aiming at a free, open source and 
cross-platfrom implementation. We are hoping to integrate with an 
existing and established player like VLC

Ambisonic playback is slightly more complicated than straight file 
playback because Ambisonic files typically have 4 channels, which need 
to be "decoded" to whatever speaker array the user has. So the typical 
use case is the user opens the file, configures Ambisonic playback for 
his/her specific speaker setup (like 6 speakers horizontally, or 8 
speakers in a cube, or 5.1 or whatever).

There is hence a significant GUI effort to undertake ... and there is 
ofcourse the Ambisonic decoding (I assume you have a good plugin 
architecture that can handle that). Lastly, there is also the fact that 
the user has to define which line (on their sound card) will take which 
signal.... and this usually needs to be tested with a "beep" so that the 
user can confirm they have the right speaker connections.

Could VLC integrate such a functionlity in its architecture and would 
the VLC community be interested in helping out, and helping this effort?

(on Ambisonics : http://www.ambisonic.net/)

Etienne Deleflie

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