[vlc-devel] New VLC UI for Mac OS X version

runing at mac.com runing at mac.com
Tue Nov 29 20:17:17 CET 2005

Hi All,

I am going to speak about the Mac OS X version of VLC and for Mac OS  
X developers.
I love VLC, i love what we can do with it. It is why i wanted to help  
you with the UI design. I have tried to resolve some problems in the  
UI interface.
I made big change, but i think every users will like it.
First, i think users can be divided it two part:
-Users who are using VLC because they can't read their .avi file with  
Quicktime. Most of those users watch the file and then they delete it.
-Users who are using VLC because they have thousand of divx movies,  
and they want to watch them. And keep organized them.

Now, i started to work on a new design "working" for both users:
I've totally change the philosophy of VLC, i mean how it is organized.
Here is a small example:

[PNG1: library]-When you launch VLC (only the app, not a movie file),  
a all new window appear. It is a little like iTunes, but for videos.  
IT IS ONLY A DRAFT, so everything is not finished, there is again  
lots of works. You can see it on the PNG 1: Library. I think the  
"detached window" button, have to be smaller and without text, but  
with a small icon (the goal of this button is to open the movie in a  
new separated window, like that it is easiest to change the size,  
etc...). So you can add movie files into you library, create folders...

[PNG2: movie]-It appears when you are launching a Movie file with VLC  
(by example using the menu "Open File..." it open a new window (like  
quicktime). Then you can watch it, turn it full screen, etc... And  
you can push the button: "Add to library". And then, the file is  
automatically added right into your library. Very easy. The timeline  
appears on the video, but only when you turn on pause (the timeline  
disappears in 5 seconds by example), when you click on fast buttons  
(it disappears in 5 seconds by example), and when you are moving the  
white circle. You can see it on the PNG 2: Movie.

All PNGs files can found here: http://runing66.blogspot.com/
As i said, it is only an idea, i don't say it will be like that, it  
is not finished...

So, Mac OS X Developers, what do you think about that?



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