[vlc-devel] HAL support?

Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò flameeyes at gentoo.org
Mon Oct 3 11:14:28 CEST 2005

As in Gentoo we're switching to HAL 0.5 (which uses a different API from 0.4), 
I was asked to check if vlc works with this new version.
Unfortunately, it seems like it's just ignored whatever I run --enable-hal or 
not, in version 0.8.4-test1.

Can someone get me a status report for this? Does it work/should work, with 
which versions of hal and dbus?

In the mean time I'll just probably disable hal support, as I'd rather wait 
for a proper support than applying patches coming from elsewhere[1].


Diego "Flameeyes" Pettenò - http://dev.gentoo.org/~flameeyes/
Gentoo/ALT lead, Gentoo/FreeBSD, Video, AMD64, Sound, PAM, KDE

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