[vlc-devel] a dumb question - vlc_lib.so/dll?

j at vsxu.com j at vsxu.com
Thu Oct 6 21:03:18 CEST 2005


I'm thinking if it's possible with the current binary version on win32
or possibly a recompiled version (a DLL anyway) to use it as an engine
to render video/audio and feed it into my own program for further
processing.. I.e. let the VLC codebase do the decoding and synchronization
and return bitmap & sound data in a format I can use.. ?

I guess a bit like an output plugin, but entirely controlled by my code?

Has this been done with VLC before? Can you estimate if it's advisable
with VLC's current architecture? 
I guess i'd want something like vlc_engine.dll... 
My concern is mainly involving update cycles of the project's code (VLC)
so new versions would work smoothly with this..

I spent the better part of today to browse the code/docs to find this myself
but didn't (not that it looks impossible, but still if it's already out
there somewhere why reinvent the wheel)..

Thanks for your time :)

Jonatan Wallmander

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