[vlc-devel] Re: Mac OS X mockup

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Wed Oct 12 20:50:41 CEST 2005

On 12 okt 2005, at 18:10, Vincent van den Heuvel wrote:
> Hey Dirk-Jan
>> I kind of agree that the buttons should be above the "playlist  
>> view". Still... I'm not sure how i feel about buttons that  
>> "affect" something that is possibly not visually present when  
>> using the buttons.
> That's why they invented disabled state ;-) (it's just like you're  
> not playing any media file). It has to do with expectation
> of a user. For example: in a super market there is no milk in the  
> shells! What das the user do: it will ask a employee for
> milk even though it isn't there! Same rule counts for buttons. It's  
> better to have 'something there' all the time then appearing
> and disappearing, this will only confuse a user. When you, for  
> example select a movie file in your playlist, the play fullscreen  
> button becomes active.

However the disabled state is wrong here. The buttons DO work  
whenever an playlist is loaded (which is always actually, VLC cannot  
run without a playlist).
>> About the playlist button. Have you considered the enormous load  
>> it is gonna generate to keep this button up to date? You are  
>> thinking 20 files here. I know ppl who have 20000 items in their  
>> VLC playlist. It's like having a scolling info dialog. It might  
>> look fun, until you test it in practice. Scrolling text was taking  
>> so much CPU, it was directly affecting video playback !
> Way a head of you ;-P that's the current problem with VLC it has no  
> Library Playlist Function (just like QuickTime Player) this is a  
> real annoyance. We HAVE to fix this in the next version!!!

That is plain impossible. VLC is a cross platform application. Do you  
have any idea how much work it is to program such a thing for  
multiple platforms?

> Just like all iApps and others (Delicious Library, MovieGallery  
> etc.) we can use this!!! If not, this will be the end of the road  
> for me!!!!!!! You can select a Playlist from this button. It was  
> only a demonstration with 20 items, those items will be of course:  
> 'My Great Playlist Jazz', 'My Great Playlist Rock' etc. If ppl use  
> 20.000 items and scroll through them with no 'lIbrary function'  
> they are nuts (sorry to say that). Even Audion had this  
> functionality!!!
> I am not  person who thinks about now, but what will be... you an  
> use what you want (or not). I am not hold back by progamming
> questions. I just think, this can be done better!!!

I agree, but without a shitload of new Developers for the VLC  
program, this won't come any time soon. We are way understaffed to  
take on things like this atm.

>> BTW. I'm missing something in your mock-up. Namely the prev/next  
>> and stop buttons. VLC cannot do without those buttons atm. They  
>> might seem useles if you are used to QTP, but for VLC they are an  
>> absolute must atm.
> I know, I killed that!!! If you press the button (Single Click) it  
> will skip to the next media file. If you click and hold (Click and  
> a half)
> you will enter fast forward/rewind modus (common this is a simple  
> programming function). Lose the buttons and you willl gain screen- 
> estate.

This shows how little you understand VLC :D
You cannot simply kill these buttons. VLC needs them simply because  
it DOESNT work that way.


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