[vlc-devel] Memory leak in image video output module??

Juan Carlos Montes jcmontes_es at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 00:21:38 CEST 2005

Any advice??

Hi all,

  I´m tested VLC 0.8.4-test1 and i have seen that if i
tried to use this video output module to save some
frames per second i have seen that memory usage and
virtual memory increases also when i stop this action
(or it finish the video) the memory has not been
deallocate. I have tried with VLC 0.8.2 with the same
results. My test machine is a WinXP proffesional.
   I would like to create one video output module that
sends some pictures to another program (via UDP) to
make a digital proccesing. How could i make the
conversion from picture_t to a bitmap, jpeg or png

  I have seen into /modules/video_output/image.c file
and in about Display function i would like to ask you
some questions:

   1.- How is stored a picture into picture_t struct?
How could i get a bitmap inside a module? 

   2.- How could i debug VLC in windows? 

   3.- How does image_WriteUrl function works? I have
seen that it is a define that calls 

             p_vout->p_sys->p_image-> p_pic,
             psz_filename ) ;

    But i don´t know here what pointer to funtion is
called, i think that is called 

static block_t *ImageWrite( image_handler_t *p_image, 
                            picture_t *p_pic,
                            video_format_t *p_fmt_in,
                            video_format_t *p_fmt_out

    from /src/misc/image.c, but i don't know where it
is assigned.

   4.- How could i change the png format to another
format (jpeg)?  I think that it could be a straight


     Juan Carlos

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