[vlc-devel] Problems with volume handling

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at vrt.dk
Fri Sep 2 01:59:04 CEST 2005

Hey all


It has been brought up in the channel numerous times, and been changed back
and forth some, and changed.

But in my opinion the volume handling is still highly inconsistent, not to
mention there are bugs related to it.


1: In wxwin the volume icon/indicator goes from 0-100 while u can crank it
up to 200 with hotkeys

Which means half of the volume level isn't adjustable graphically, nor
possible to see graphically where the level its at, when its above 100.


Today I just found out that in the preferences under audio the "audio output
volume" is represented by a sliuder going from 0-1024 (Which is what the
core/system uses as far as thedj told me)


This can be confusing for new users, and irritating for normal users.


If it is desired to remain to have a gainfilter sort of function mixed with
the volume handling ( being able to increase the volume higher than 100% ) I
think first of all the same values should be used throughout the interfaces.
And where it appears graphically there should be a distinction between
normal volume level and fake/gained increases. For wxwin this could be made
quiete nicely by making the clicks on the volumebar red or yellow when it
starts enabling gain/fake increase on the volume. I think that would give a
somewhat easy to understand idea for new users as to what it means.


Anyway what do everyone else think?`



Jonas Larsen

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