[vlc-devel] User Authentication.

Gopal Parivallal-A20301 pari at motorola.com
Wed Sep 14 15:15:34 CEST 2005

I am using VLC as a client for RTSP server which runs in the Set top box. I
have taken a RTSP server code from live.com. RTSP supports digest
authentication mechanism to verify username and password for valid user. I
would like to know that can't we enable pop-up window when the user forget
to give his username and password from VLC ? Ofcourse we can enter the
username:password at rtsp url, but it seems the entering password is like
open text and visible to everyone. Instead of this mechanism I would like to
put some pop-up window to enter the user name & password(like *****). Is it
available already from VLC ?? Please help me regarding this. Thanks in
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