[vlc-devel] (your port of) arm-wince-pe [offtopic]

pedro_alves at portugalmail.pt pedro_alves at portugalmail.pt
Wed Sep 21 05:32:03 CEST 2005

Hi all!

My name is Pedro Alves,

I have been porting Qt 4 from Trolltech to Pocket PC in my spare time.

I have been using gcc 3.3.3 from Mamaich's page:

I have been building Qt as a static lib, and that works fine, except
for the really lonk compile/link times. 
I now want to build Qt as a dll, but that version of gcc gives me a lot of
problems ( read gcc ICEs ).

I see that you have prebuilt binaries for linux here:

I tried to build arm-wince-pe-gcc with cygwin host a few weeks ago, but had no
success, and gave up.

I would like to use cygwin or mingw as a host if possible, because that helps me
 in the development of the port, which is based on GPL'd mingw's Qt port.

So the question is:
- Are your patches still necessary on gcc/binutils mainline, or are they already
- Which is the best version of gcc for wince development (preferably cygwin)?

Googling around, I can't see much info on arm-wince-pe port, maybe you could
point me in the right direction/mailing list.

Thanks for the attention, and sorry for being off-topic,

Pedro Alves

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