[vlc-devel] Re: httpd/Freeplayer on Linux broken ?? Crashes VLC when using the remote control of the Freebox.

frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr
Sun Apr 2 21:13:14 CEST 2006

O> I am not sure but I think one can suppose that the bug appeared with the 
> svn changeset [14886] on mars 22 since it concerns an important modification 
> of httpd.c (in src/network/). It is certainly a change between 15 mars and 30 
> mars.
> Greetings, Klaus Frahm.

The problem is also present in the beta-release 0.8.5-test2. Any
http-access crashes VLC.

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