[vlc-devel] Re: opengl.c patch (was: [Videolan] Proposition de modification du module video_output opengl)

Benjamin Pracht bigben+spam at videolan.org
Sun Apr 9 16:58:04 CEST 2006

Le vendredi 07 avril 2006 à 09:08 +0200, Cédric Cocquebert a écrit :
> Hi,
> A patch to add more opengl effect like cylinder, torus projection and
> geometry correction ...
> If you want ....
> Best regards
> PS: geometry correction is based of  "gluLookAt" (to move camera point of
> view) and require link with GLU library (that is done for several SYS but
> not for all ... you need add "-lglu32" after "-lopengl32" in configure.ac
> when opengl option is checked).

Thanks a lot for the patch. I'm afraid we cannot merge it right now,
since strings are frozen for the 0.8.5 release, but we'll include it
after that.

I moreover had a problem while trying the cylinder and torus effects.
They don't seem to work... The image remains the same as without any
effect. I don't seem to have any error in the log. Sorry, but I didn't
take the time to have a look further in the code to see where the issue
was at the moment...


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