[vlc-devel] Re: vlc does not play streaming (liveMedia).

Juan Antonio Martinez Navarro juanantonio at dif.um.es
Fri Apr 21 13:44:37 CEST 2006


The problem I've seen is that the Iterator to view the elements of
fReadHandler is empty after introducing in it several sockets.

In BasicUsageEnvironment/BasicTaskScheduler.cpp:

while((handler = iter.next()) != NULL) {

The first handler is NULL so it never come into the while loop.

In another part of the file, I've seen how it introduces the sockets
into fReadHandler.


El jue, 20-04-2006 a las 02:44 -0700, Ross Finlayson escribió:
> > > Those symptoms suggest that perhaps "select()" might not be working
> > > properly on your Zaurus.  I suggest checking whether the function
> > > "MultiFramedRTPSource::networkReadHandler()" (in
> > > "liveMedia/MultiFramedRTPSource.cpp") ever gets called.  If it
> > > doesn't - and you're sure that you really do have incoming RTP
> > > packets - then check whether the call to "select()" in
> > > "BasicUsageEnvironment/BasicTaskScheduler.cpp" ever returns a value >
> > > 0.  If it doesn't, then this suggests that "select()" is not working
> > > properly, and there is something wrong with your port of the LIVE555
> > > Streaming Media code.
> >I've checked the first function (networkReadHandler) and is never
> >called. But the function select in BasicTaskScheduler.cpp is called and
> >returns a value > 0.
> That's odd.  Perhaps the >0 value returned by "select()" is for the 
> (TCP) RTSP socket, and not for any of the (UDP) RTP sockets?  If so, 
> then this would suggest that you are not receiving any RTP packets at 
> all (which would explain why 
> "MultiFramedRTPSource::networkReadHandler()" is never called).
> All I can suggest at this stage is noting the socket number(s) that 
> are passed to the calls to "turnOnNetworkReadHandling()" (in 
> "RTPInterface.cpp" and "RTSPClient.cpp"), and comparing those to the 
> socket numbers that are indicated as being 'readable' following the 
> call to "select()".  I suspect you'll find that you're not receiving 
> RTP packets, for some reason (perhaps a bug in your OS???).
> In any case, there's no point in looking at the VLC code here, 
> because the problem appears to be occurring at a much lower level.
> 	Ross Finlayson
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> 	<http://www.live555.com/>
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