[vlc-devel] Trac upgrade

Clément Stenac zorglub at diwi.org
Sat Apr 22 11:49:09 CEST 2006


As some of you might have noticed, Trac has been upgraded to version

Here are the main changes:

* Mail notifications have been enabled. The owner and reporter of the
ticket are notified at each commit, aditionnaly to adresses listed in
the Cc field. If you don't specify a domain, @videolan.org will
automatically be appended.
* Tickets now have a "type" field: defect, task, or enhancement. The
"enhancement" severity does not exist, all tickets with this severity
have been converted to enhancement type.
* The ticket view's layout has seen some miscellaneous layout changes
* Reports now have improved query capability
* Source view now allows diffs between arbitrary versions (this was
sometimes enabled in previous version, but needed a specific patch)
* Doxygen is loosely integrated in the interface.

Please report any problem (yes, we know, search is broken, we're working
on it).


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