[vlc-devel] Patch for SVN vlc-trunk for Amino STB VOD support

Rob Casey rob.casey at swishgroup.com.au
Thu Apr 27 04:17:09 CEST 2006

Attached is a patch against vlc-trunk which permits VLC to be used as a RTSP
VOD server for Amino STBs.  The changes associated with this patch are as
- Modify command sequence response header (from "Cseq" to "CSeq")
- Add command-line option --rtsp-raw-mux to set mux for raw UDP streams
- Add support for RTSP GET_PARAMETER command
This has allowed the configuration of VLC as a RTSP VOD server for Amino
STBs using the following command line options:
vlc --intf=telnet --rtsp-host= --rtsp-raw-mux=ts
And the media source for the Amino STBs is as follows:
Rob Casey
Swish Interactive
a division of The Swish Group Limited
170 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
[P] +61 3 9686 6640
[F] +61 3 9686 6680
[M] +61 401 460 490
[E] rob.casey at swishgroup.com.au
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