[vlc-devel] Regarding ticket #593

Marian Durkovic md at bts.sk
Thu Apr 27 09:09:36 CEST 2006

Hi Zorglub & all,

   I need to raise serious concerns about "resolution" of ticket #593.
Skip frames is a clever mechanism for controlling CPU usage and I'm very
unhappy that this seems to be going away just because "someone reported
it's better without it".

   I've asked for details about this problem on this ML since I wanted to
try to reproduce the problem, but got no reply at all. I don't think
usefull features should be removed because of "rumours" which are not
well investigated and proved to be the real source of the problem.

   I can NOT reproduce the improvement on any of our WinXP-SP2 machines.
Instead, without skip-frames, the HD content completely stopped playing
on anything slower than 3 Ghz P4 and even at DVD rates, starting some 
other CPU hungry app. causes playback blackout for multiple seconds,
on slower maschines it will not resume at all.

   This is really making things much worse than before, and making it the
default behaviour is IMHO a mistake.

   If someone is able to give me details, sample MPEGs etc. I'll try to
spend some time investigating this (although I'm pretty short of spare
time currently). But I consider this to be too important to just sweep
the whole problem under the carpet.

	With kind regards,


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