[vlc-devel] UIFO files, Change Audio Cell command Support, VOB links

Don Mahurin dmspam1 at openright.org
Tue Aug 1 01:22:07 CEST 2006

Using VLC, I can play user customized IFO files (UIFO for now), as 
described at:
At that site, there is a Matrix example.

This required two, changes. One to dvdnav to allow altered cell 
boundaries (possibly mismatching the VOBs),
and one to VLC to add change audio cell command support (This could 
occur in standard IFO files). 
(http://uifo.openright.org/vlc-audio-hack.patch) ("hack", because I was 
not sure this change was the correct way to do this).
Any comments regarding the proper way to handle change audio cell 
commands, if this is not it?

To play a modified IFO, along with the original media, I am creating a 
directory with links to everything but the modified ones.
This does not always work with encrypted discs. But it does work 
sometimes, if you play the original disc first. Possibly the problem is 
that vlc is not associating the linked files with the real device in 
order to properly decrypt.
Is there a way to reliably play a VIDEO_TS directory with VOB links to a 
the same files on an encrypted disc? Or a better way to do this?

My testing was in FC5, vlc 0.84a from livna. The vlc-audio patch applies 
to 0.8.5, but I did not yet test with that.

-Don Mahurin

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