[vlc-devel] Cygwin Seg Faults

Danny Brown danbrwn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 23:06:33 CEST 2006

I have had no luck trying to get rid of the seg faults when building
under cygwin.

I can not step through with gdb as stepping lines do not follow the
expected path, ie,, should step to the next line of code but jumps
back up several lines. I look at pointers which I know should be set
to zero and the show up as out of bounds 0x40000060. This is above the
starting address of most windows apps.

I have tried removing dll's from the modules directory when they have
been the module being loaded when the app seg faults, only to have the
seg faults move to another dll approximately the same number of steps
down the loading sequence. The faults are occuring during the
allocatePluginDir in the modules.c file. This function makes recursive
calls to itself. I tried flattening out the directory structure so
that the recursive calls would not traverse so far down the dir tree
and therefor "pop" back off before using up too many resources.

The win32 contrib libraries provided say gcc_3.4.5 only. One problem,
there is not a 3.4.5 gcc available for cygwin only 3.4.4. Obviously
these were cross compiled. I don't know if the images are compatable
and might be causing the odd debugging mentioned above.

I tried to get the contribs and build per the instructions given in
the INSTALL.Win32 file using the auto download and build in the
extras/contrib directory. I cant get this to build. Despite setting
all the path statements to find the header files, the build fails
because it can't find a defintion for stderr even though the stdio.h
is included and I have -I/usr/include as a compiler flag.
here is the modified config.mak
# Automatically generated by bootstrap.
# Make changes if you know what you're doing.

HAVE_WIN32 = 1
PKG_CONFIG_PATH = $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig
BUILD = i686-pc-cygwin
HOST = i686-pc-mingw32
PREFIX = /home/Administrator/vlc-trunk/extras/contrib
CC = gcc -mno-cygwin -isystem /usr/include/mingw
CXX = g++ -mno-cygwin -isystem /usr/include/mingw
LD =
AR =
EXTRA_CFLAGS =  -mno-cygwin -isystem /usr/include/mingw
EXTRA_CPPFLAGS =  -mno-cygwin -isystem /usr/include/mingw -I/include
-I/usr/include/sys -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/cygwin \
	-I/usr/include/machine -I/c:/cygwin/usr/include
EXTRA_LDFLAGS =  -mno-cygwin
WGET = curl -O
SVN = svn

I have built vlc before on linux, I am about ready to drop the whole
cygwin effort unless someone can help. If you can please respond. Dan

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