[vlc-devel] java bindings / mac os x

Sciss contact at sciss.de
Thu Aug 10 14:58:09 CEST 2006


i'm new to the list ; i have practically no knowledge about the  
internas of vlc ; i'm looking for a fairly easy way to get a video  
controller in my sound editor (see a video in timeline sync with  
sound), and it should be platform independant and open source stuff.  
so i saw there's that JVLC project but unfortunately it's not working  
on mac os x (my development platform). in the wiki it says that VLC  
already comes with a compilation option to enable java bindings.

question is : can someone help me set up a VLC build that allows me  
from java (on mac os x) to create a canvas for video playback?

otherwise, any other suggestions? i'm not going to use JMF since as  
far as i know the media types support is totally bad (probably a joke  
just like java sound).

thanks a lot! best, -sciss-

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