[vlc-devel] Re: java bindings / mac os x

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Sun Aug 13 17:22:11 CEST 2006

Sciss ha scritto:
> hi,
> i'm new to the list ; i have practically no knowledge about the internas
> of vlc ; i'm looking for a fairly easy way to get a video controller in
> my sound editor (see a video in timeline sync with sound), and it should
> be platform independant and open source stuff. so i saw there's that
> JVLC project but unfortunately it's not working on mac os x (my
> development platform). in the wiki it says that VLC already comes with a
> compilation option to enable java bindings.
> question is : can someone help me set up a VLC build that allows me from
> java (on mac os x) to create a canvas for video playback?

up to now JVLC doesn't work on MacOS, since the graphics-jni.cc file has
not been ported to MacOS. The work needed to make this happen should be
really trivial for a MacOS developer; JVLC just needs the equivalent of
these source lines working for X11:

  /* Get the platform-specific drawing info */
  dsi_x11 = (JAWT_X11DrawingSurfaceInfo*)dsi->platformInfo;

  /* Now paint */
  gc = XCreateGC(dsi_x11->display, dsi_x11->drawable, 0, 0);
  XSetBackground(dsi_x11->display, gc, 0);

  value.i_int = dsi_x11->drawable;
  VLC_VariableSet( 0, "drawable", value );
  XFreeGC(dsi_x11->display, gc);

AFAIK, when this code will be available (and Makefile updated) porting
for MacOS will be complete.


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