[vlc-devel] VLC on Windows, direct3d video output error: Failed to create picture surface.

Joerg vlc-ml at aab.noctis.de
Mon Aug 28 11:37:14 CEST 2006

When I'm trying to playback video, only a black frame in the size of the 
video shortly pops up, just do disappear again. Since I need the Java 
Bindings I'm forced to compile my own version of VLC, but I did so with 
cygwin and following the instructions in INSTALL.win32 to the letter. The 
same problem existed when I tried the precompiled version of the Java 
bindings posted in this list. However, having the "real" vlc.exe to test 
it I noticed, that the problem is there with the regular program as well.
(You might want to go to the forum post [3], it's easier to read)

VLC provides the following output on the console:

> [00000554] direct3d video output error: Failed to create picture surface. (hr=0x8876086c)
> [00000554] direct3d video output error: Direct3D picture pool initialization failed !
> [00000554] main video output error: video output creation failed
> [00000554] main video output error: cannot delete object (554, (null)) with children
> [00000553] main decoder error: failed to create video output

I've also had a "hr=0x8876017C", whatever that is.

I'm using vlc-snapshot-20060816, contrib-20060619-win32-bin-gcc-3.4.5-only 
with an up-to-date cygwin (gcc version 3.4.4 (cygming special) (gdc 0.12, 
using dmd 0.125))

Configure call for vlc was (according to INSTALL.win32)

>  ./bootstrap && \
>  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/win32/lib/pkgconfig \
>  CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/win32/include -I/usr/win32/include/ebml" \
>  LDFLAGS=-L/usr/win32/lib \
>  CC="gcc -mno-cygwin" CXX="g++ -mno-cygwin" \
>  ./configure \
>      --disable-gtk \
>      --enable-nls --enable-sdl --with-sdl-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac \
>      --with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-faad --enable-flac --enable-theora \
>      --with-wx-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --with-freetype-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --with-fribidi-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --enable-live555 --with-live555-tree=/usr/win32/live.com \
>      --enable-caca --with-caca-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --with-xml2-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --with-dvdnav-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \
>      --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-goom \
>      --enable-twolame --enable-dvdread \
>      --enable-debug \
>      --enable-java-bindings

I'm providing the configure output ([1], 31KB) and the compile output 
([2], 504 KB) online, although they don't contain an error I could spot.

Could someone please point me to a reason for this problem or give me a 
hint what other information might be required to solve this problem?

[1] http://tmp.noctis.de/vlc/2006-08-22-log-configure.txt
[2] http://tmp.noctis.de/vlc/2006-08-22-log-compile.txt
[3] Forum Post: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=25654


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