[vlc-devel] Strange crash on Solaris

Alexander Gall gall at switch.ch
Mon Dec 4 15:55:08 CET 2006

Sorry about the unspecific subject, but I just couldn't find a short
way to describe this issue :-)

I'm seeing a strange effect when building a current trunk snapshot on
Solaris 11 with gcc 3.4.3 and the native Solaris linker.  When I run
vlc, it crashes in src/misc/variables.c:DupList()

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xff20f7cc in DupList (p_val=0x133360) at misc/variables.c:81
81              p_list->p_values[i] = p_val->p_list->p_values[i];
(gdb) bt
#0  0xff20f7cc in DupList (p_val=0x133360) at misc/variables.c:81
#1  0xff2126b8 in __var_Create (p_this=0x314b8, psz_name=0xff22b340 "programs", i_type=32912) at misc/variables.c:272
#2  0xff1cf12c in input_ControlVarInit (p_input=0x314b8) at input/var.c:130
#3  0xff1c33f8 in Create (p_parent=0x0, p_item=0x31438, psz_header=0x0, b_quick=0) at input/input.c:200
#4  0xff1c975c in __input_Read (p_parent=0x303a8, p_item=0x31438, b_block=1) at input/input.c:315
#5  0xff1b3ae0 in playlist_MLLoad (p_playlist=0x303a8) at playlist/loadsave.c:107
#6  0xff1b3140 in playlist_Create (p_parent=0x270f8) at playlist/engine.c:153
#7  0xff1adedc in __playlist_ThreadCreate (p_parent=0x270f8) at playlist/thread.c:204
#8  0xff19f484 in libvlc_InternalInit (p_libvlc=0x270f8, i_argc=1, ppsz_argv=0xffbfebbc) at libvlc-common.c:866
#9  0xff19c3c0 in VLC_Init (i_object=0, i_argc=194376, ppsz_argv=0xffbfebbc) at libvlc.c:123
#10 0x0001178c in main (i_argc=1, ppsz_argv=0xffbfebbc) at src/vlc.c:102

It turns out that this is because the static dummy_null_list of
src/misc/variables.c:__var_Create() gets overwritten at some point.  I
tracked this to the peculiar fact that dummy_null_list is stored at
the exact same place as the file-scope variable from_locale in
src/text/unicode.c.  When I break at the first invocation of
__var_Create(), I see this:

(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/local/bin/vlc 
warning: Lowest section in /lib/librt.so.1 is .dynamic at 00000074
warning: Lowest section in /lib/libpthread.so.1 is .dynamic at 00000074
Breakpoint 3 at 0xff1fac64: file text/unicode.c, line 95.
Pending breakpoint "LocaleInit" resolved
Breakpoint 4 at 0xff2122fc: file ../include/vlc_threads_funcs.h, line 79.
Pending breakpoint "__var_Create" resolved
VLC media player 0.9.0-svn Grishenko

Breakpoint 4, __var_Create (p_this=0xff24d990, psz_name=0xff233df0 "list", 
    i_type=8256) at ../include/vlc_threads_funcs.h:79
(gdb) p &from_locale
$1 = (locale_data_t *) 0xff24d988
(gdb) print &dummy_null_list
$2 = (vlc_list_t *) 0xff24d988

dummy_null_list gets corrupted as soon as from_locale is initialized
in src/text/unicode.c:LocaleInit().

How can this be?  Compiler or linker bug?


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