[vlc-devel] Re: [bmpx] Re: [Banshee-List] [bmpx] Re: Proposal for a common D-Bus interface for media players

Peter Stuge stuge-xmms2 at cdy.org
Thu Dec 7 10:58:42 CET 2006

On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 04:53:51AM -0500, William Pitcock wrote:
> - What if the user wants to switch his preferred media player from
>   Amarok to BMPx, Videolan, Audacious or XMMS2?
>   + We could send a signal to the other player saying that it is OK
>     to takeover the common interface, but if an application is slow
>     to release the interface, the other player may not successfully
>     bind to the org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer instance like desired.

Does DBUS support bus mastering/bus sharing like some other buses? In
that case it just uses timeouts.

(Yes, I know it's not a hardware bus.)


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