[vlc-devel] Packet loss during vod in 0.8.6?

Brian Raymond braymond at echostorm.net
Sun Dec 10 19:30:13 CET 2006

I'm running through some tests of VOD in 0.8.6 vs. 0.8.5 on OSX and  
found something interesting. I have an MPEG2-TS stream generated by  
VLC at ~4.5mbps and an instance on another box receiving it as a VOD  
source. Using VLC 0.8.5 with QT as a client the stream looks good.  
When using 0.8.6 QT is missing packets from time to time causing  
blocking.  I played with sout-udp-caching with what looks like no  
effect. VLC itself isn't reporting any warnings or such, I'm just  
seeing the symptoms in QT.

Anyone see similar symptoms?

- Brian

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