[vlc-devel] Icons

Max Pittsley max at qwertycake.com
Sun Dec 17 18:30:34 CET 2006

Dear VLC Development team,

I recently talked on your IRC channel about icons, but was told to contact
you. I heard that the Mac OS X icon support was great, but I was
disappointed about the Windows XP icons. The fact that VLC doesn't change
the icons of the video files it opens, and changes the icons of the audio
files it opens to the program cone icon, instead of a document icon like a
piece of paper with a faded VLC cone on it or something like that. If you
would like, I would be happy to design these icons for you. I would have
sent you a visual of what I'm talking about, but I figured that you ignored
unsolicited e-mails with attachments.

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