[vlc-devel] Using vlc as a relay source for Darwin Streaming Server...again !

leonardo_c at libero.it leonardo_c at libero.it
Tue Dec 19 11:50:34 CET 2006


I'm testing the changes suggested in a former mail (03/05/2006, Obj: Using vlc as a relay source for Darwin Streaming Server).

The changes in modules/stream_out/rtp.c are ok and now it's possible to send a stream created with vlc using the gui or the command line towards a DSS relay.

Due to changes in code, the patch for /modules/misc/rtsp.c couldn't be applied as suggested and the current version doesn't allow to generate an SDP description that DSS is able to understand.

The problem, again, is in the a=control field of the SDP:
- vlc generates the fields:
- while Darwin expects those fields to be:

Reffering to the latest snapshot (vlc-snapshot-20061216.tar.gz), the interested code rows are those from 324 to 329:
    asprintf( &p_media->psz_rtsp_control_v4,
               p_sys->i_port, p_media->psz_rtsp_path );
    asprintf( &p_media->psz_rtsp_control_v6,
              p_sys->i_port, p_media->psz_rtsp_path );

Because of my very poor skills in C programming I don't know how to change the code above but it should be something like this for the first asprintf():
    asprintf( &p_media->psz_rtsp_control_v4,
               "a=control:trackID=%%d\r\n" );

I tried and it write a negative number as a trackID, maybe using the IP address formerly passed by %%s and writing it as decimal (%%d)....

I cannot handle this but if someone can I'll appreciate it very much !!!


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