[vlc-devel] Re: multiple slices issue in h264 streaming: marker bit problem

Yao Peter peter at yuvad.com
Wed Dec 27 15:18:30 CET 2006

Sorry, I missed something here. The VLC code also have problem on NAL 
packetizing. It should split NALs in rtp_packetize_h264 so that an RTP 
packet does not includes more than 1 NAL units and their start codes.

Yao Peter 写道:
> Yes, I did check that setting the bit right does fix the issue. The 
> sample clip I used was sample_h264_100kbit.mp4 which was part of 
> Darwin Streaming Server code. It has 2 clips in every frame, before 
> the patch only the first one is displayed well, after that both are ok.
>> Have you checked (experimentally) that setting the marker bit at the 
>> right places does fix the issue?
>> It seems to me that the rtp packetizer code here will misbehave even 
>> more than just the marker bit if you have more than one NAL per 
>> frame. I do not have a sample stream here that I know has this 
>> property, and I'm not familiar enough with the encoding tools to 
>> create such a stream easily, so I'll
>> need a new sample in order to investigate further.

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