[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r14089 (sigmunau)

cannonwg at comcast.net cannonwg at comcast.net
Wed Feb 1 12:54:47 CET 2006

Maybe another memory leak?

I get a segfault in the playlist when I click on one of the nodes for my media servers (twonkyvision and tversity), 

BTW I'm new to this list, but I'm determined to get somekind of UPNP client working on my mac, I would appreciate any advice or references to members who might know something.

here are the configure options I used, 

./configure --disable-x11 --disable-xvideo --disable-glx --disable-gtk --enable-sdl --enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac --with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-mad --enable-dvbpsi --enable-a52 --disable-dvdplay --enable-dvdnav --enable-faad --enable-vorbis --enable-ogg --enable-theora --enable-faac --enable-mkv --enable-freetype --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-speex --enable-flac --enable-goom --enable-livedotcom --enable-caca --disable-skins2 --disable-wxwidgets --enable-modplug --enable-daap --enable-x264 --enable-shout --enable-twolame --enable-release --enable-dts --disable-mkv  --with-cyberlink-tree=extras/contrib/src/clinkcc --enable-cyberlink

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> r14089 | sigmunau | 2006-01-31 17:27:50 +0100 (Tue, 31 Jan 2006) | 2 lines 
> Changed paths: 
> M /trunk/include/modules_inner.h 
> fixed the smallest and most elusive leak yet 
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