[vlc-devel] Re: Any information about the demuxer module?

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Sun Feb 12 10:22:09 CET 2006


the demuxer uses es_out* calls to interact with the core, in

* Demuxer calls es_out_Add( format_descriptor ) when it detects a new
  elementary stream. es_out_Add adds the ES to the list and probes for a
  decoder, using input_DecoderNew (in src/input/decoder.c)

* Demuxer calls es_out_Send( data block ) when it has demuxed a chunk of
  data for the matching ES. es_out_Send then adds the data block to the
  decoder's fifo (after adding some delay to the dates for caching).
  The decoder core picks data blocks in the fifo and passes them to the
  decoder module (through the pf_decode_audio/pf_decode_video function

Warning: you won't find es_out_* functions in src/input/es_out.c but
EsOut* functions, because they are wrapped. The wrappers are in

Hope this helps,

Clément Stenac

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