[vlc-devel] Re: compile error with undefined symbol IPV6_V6ONLY

Rémi Denis-Courmont Remi.Denis-Courmont at via.ecp.fr
Sun Feb 12 10:24:19 CET 2006

Le Jeudi 9 Février 2006 09:50, frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr a écrit :
> Concerning the compile error, I suppose I encountered this problem
> because I did not activate ipv6-functionality in my Linux kernel.

No. The kernel configuration does not influence the C library headers. 
IPV6_V6ONLY is defined from <netinet/in.h>, and you definitely don't 
need local IPv6 support for that. That is fortunate because we can't 
yet assume IPv6 support on compilation hosts.

It is incorrect not to set the IPV6_V6ONLY flag to 1, as it will break 
later assumptions made in the networking code. We currently assume that 
V6ONLY is always on on OSes that do not define it (mostly Windows, 
though it doesn't have the wrapper). Linux definitely has the V6ONLY 
flag set to zero by default, which would break later assuption in the 
networking code. So if there is the problem is on our side, I'd rather 
disable IPv6 support for that range of broken platforms.

How old is your C library ? IPV6_V6ONLY has been in glibc for ages.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

Rémi Denis-Courmont
Student-engineer at the Ecole Centrale Paris
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