[vlc-devel] Bug: save/restore position, intf: wxwidgets

Adam tinder at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 14 10:00:52 CET 2006

Bug: VLC 0.8.5-svn dates 08.12.2005 and later do not save/restore 
position of player.
Recreate: Open a build later than December 7 2005, position it, close, 
reopen. The player will not be where it was closed.

Source of bug:
"* modules/gui/wxwidgets: save embedded playlist size on exit."
(from 12/08/2005)

This changeset introduced saving of the playlist size & position, but 
unfortunately broke the former functionality of the
player to remember its position.

I am not a programmer, VLC is actually the first time I have fully gone 
through the process to compile a program, but
in the name of confirming this is the source of the bug before bothering 
you, I first pinpointed the date where the bug

I looked at tracker, it shows the above changeset as the only one 
dealing with /modules/gui/wxwidgets/interface.cpp
in that time. I had previously found the changeset from back around 
April or so of 2005 that introduced the feature
to remember the position, so I knew it was the 
/modules/gui/wxwidgets/interface.cpp file that did this.

To be absolutely sure, I downloaded cygwin, went through process of 
getting VLC to compile in it, found that the
older source snapshot wasn't gonna work, so went to the latest 
(14.02.2006) and manually edited the interface.cpp
and interface.h file according to the changeset/manual comparison of the 
two versions. It compiled, and it worked:
the feature of remembering position happened.

Also I may note that (I am not sure where in the /extras/contrib 
directory it is stored) the address for a few of these
contrib files has changed, as I discovered trying to get the compile to 
work. They are:

(I believe old directory was 

the new locations are:


Anyway, hope this helps to fix it, and thanks for a great player!


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