[vlc-devel] Re: [patch] unifying meta-information access

Daniel Stränger vlc at schmaller.de
Wed Feb 15 09:45:38 CET 2006


On 15.02.2006 08:12, Clément Stenac wrote:
> Hello,
>> i'm currently working on an XSPF playlist demuxer and exporter.
> Now, that's great, we wanted this feature. Do you plan on using some
> sort of extensions to store the extra VLC information ? (input options,
> tree structure, ...) ?
I thought about that, but first i wanted to provide basic/common features.
There are several information to put into the extension, e.g. playlist state,
input options, genre ...
As XSPF for example lacks support for "genre" information, and other players would need
it, too, it might be a good idea, to split the extension into a common and a vlc-specific part.
Maybe there are still some *open* namespace/schema definition for the extension, we could use,
but i didn't find them. Do you know some?

> You shouldn't need to use _(VLC_META_X) as VLC_META_X is already defined
> as N_("X").
I tested the XSPF meta-info handling without the _(...) and it *didn't* work.
IMHO N_(...) is defined in include/vlc_common.h:1113 as a noop operation and therefore doesn't do any
translation. I'm not an i18n specialist, but this conforms to the gettext documentation.
Could somebody please confirm it!?
_*UPDATE*_: just confirmed by Sigmund, thanks!

> I think defining something for "Meta-information" might be good to, or
> even defining a new function vlc_input_item_GetMeta( input_item_t *,
> char *) used like vlc_input_item_GetMeta( &p_item->input,
> Could you please have a look at this, as I think it would make things
> clearer ?
I wanted to leave the patch somewhat concise, so i didn't replace "Meta-information" by a #define.
But if it's desired, i'll do that!:)


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