[vlc-devel] Bug in remembering/restoring VLC position?

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 22 01:42:50 CET 2006

Hi --
Not sure if the effect was desired, or unintentional, but someone had a
question/bug report.

(7:34:52 PM) HobophobE: Hey I need someone to add a ticket for a bug please,
I have posted on the forum, and I have e-mailed the dev list, and there is
still no indication anyone has taken notice of the information.
(7:34:55 PM) Shirakawasuna: cool
(7:35:12 PM) markfm: What was the bug?
(7:35:35 PM) HobophobE: It is in nightlies after Dec 7 2005, the player no
longer remembers/restores its position
(7:36:25 PM) HobophobE: I took pains to figure out the problem and test a
build with a reverted file from the change, which proves it is due to a
specific changeset, and I posted this information, but it looks like it was
swept up in the mass of messages that goes through your forum/dev list
(7:37:05 PM) HobophobE: http://trac.videolan.org/vlc/changeset/13628 is the
changeset that caused the bug to start
(7:37:54 PM) HobophobE: I built a copy in cygwin with newest source as of
maybe a week ago, with only the modules/gui/wxwidgets/
interface.cpp/interface.hpp reverted, and the bug no longer occured
(7:38:29 PM) markfm: Was your message to the list posted some time ago?
Always possible it was missed. If it was posted in just the last couple of
days, it may still be in an in queue.
(7:38:54 PM) HobophobE: the mail to the dev list was posted on the 14th 


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