[vlc-devel] Shared libvlc, libtool & co

Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Wed Feb 22 16:44:26 CET 2006


Hmm, here is the current situation as regards the build of libvlc as a 
shared library instead of a static one (All tests were done on i386):

                  │      Trunk      │ Libtool  │
                  │ (shared-libvlc) │  branch  │
Win32             │         working │   broken │
Darwin            │          broken │  working │
Linux (installed) │         working │  working │
Linux (from tree) │     NOT working │  working │

So well, both choice are bad. Until either of them are fully fixed, I'll 
probably switch to proposing both (obviously retaining no shared libvlc 
and no libtool as the default for a start). That makes the build system 
even more complex, but libtool is still something like twice as simple 
as the current one. Also, it might at least permit removal of the 
earlier mentionned "pic" build system mess.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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