[vlc-devel] Perl library to access Telnet interface

Валентин Андреевич Алексеев v.alekseev at mail.ru
Wed Feb 22 20:58:46 CET 2006

Hello, everyone!

   This in not directly related to development of VLC itself but I  
think someone
   would be interested.

   I've just maid available on SourceForge.net first public release  
of my p5vlc
   library. This is first beta, but it's already functional enough to  
be worth
   seeing, I think.

   Project home page: http://p5vlc.sourceforge.net/.
   File releases: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php? 

   I greatly appreciate any comments, bug reports, thoughts and so on.

   Short description for the project: p5vlc is a small object- 
oriented library
   written in Perl that provides access to VideoLAN Client's Telnet  
   so that developer is able to manipulate streaming server. Also it  
   means for developers to easily construct command line,  
configuration file
   or VLM options arguments via OO-interface.

   Main goal of this library -- create framework that will aid  
   of web-based solution for managing stream servers based on  
VideoLAN Client.

With Best Regards,
   Valentin A. Alekseev
   v.alekseev at mail.ru
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