[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r14458 (damienf)

Damien Fouilleul Damien.Fouilleul at laposte.net
Thu Feb 23 12:30:42 CET 2006

the import library is technically not necessary because newer version of 
gcc will happily link against a DLL, however if we ever decide to come 
up with a SDK for libvlc, then providing an import library is ususally 
preferable to a DLL.
Also, with an import library you can also add static APIs which may not 
need be present in the DLL.

VLC modules are not really linked against libVLC (outside of builtins), 
so import libraries are not really necessary.
Except maybe for modules that are both present as external and builtins 
due to libVLC odd linking stage.
I think the ffmpeg and the memcpy modules are some of them. this way we 
can guarantee that those module allways stays external.

The way to achieve this would be to remove libMODULE.a when the 
MODULE.dll is built, which will also produce libMODULE.dll.a.
libvlc will use the DLL import archive instead of the static archive, 
job done.

I would advise to resurect the 'lib' directory under $(top_buildir) and 
depending upon the settings, each module would either copy libMODULE.a, 
libMODULE.dll.a (or MODULE.dll) or libMODULE.so based on user 
configuration for the module, this would make the global linking stage 
of libVLC much simpler and more efficient.


Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le Mercredi 22 Février 2006 13:21, Subversion daemon a écrit :
>> r14458 | damienf | 2006-02-22 13:21:23 +0100 (Wed, 22 Feb 2006) | 2
>> lines Changed paths:
>>    M /trunk/Makefile.am
>>    M /trunk/activex/Makefile.am
>>    M /trunk/src/Makefile.am
>> all: for WIN32, create an import library libvlc-dll.a when linking
>> libvlc.dll; updating linking for vlc.exe and activex.dll to use
>> import library in place of dll.
> Do you know if the VLC modules should also use the import library? They 
> currently appear to work directly against the libvlc.dll - does it make 
> any difference?

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