[vlc-devel] Problem with negative thread number

Nelson Lam nelson.lam at student.cityu.edu.hk
Mon Feb 27 20:16:44 CET 2006

Hi everyone.

I am confused with the negative thread number shown when running vlc. I use my 
new decoder to play something, but I dont know why the thread number shown is 
negative. Here is the example:

[00000177] main module debug: unlocking module "test"
[-1264107296] main decoder debug: thread 3007785904 joined 
(src/input/decoder.c: 191)
[-1264107296] main decoder debug: killing decoder fourcc `h264', 1 PES in FIFO
[00000186] main input debug: thread 3030862768 joined (src/input/input.c:386)
status change: ( stop state: 0 )
[00000178] main playlist: nothing to play
[00000178] main playlist debug: garbage collector destroying 1 vout
[00000006] main module debug: unlocking module "i420_rgb_mmx"
[00000024] main module debug: unlocking module "x11"
[00000252] main video output debug: thread 2997296048 joined 
(src/video_output/v ideo_output.c:456)
quit: returned 0 (no error)

Could anyone please help me to solve this problem?

Much thanks,

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