[vlc-devel] Cross-compiling vlc for Zaurus.

Juan Antonio Martinez Navarro juanantonio at dif.um.es
Tue Feb 28 12:03:42 CET 2006


I need vlc for zaurus but it has to support rtsp. I've found a package
with the vlc for zaurus but it didn't support it. So I decided to
compile it on my own.

After compiling it of several ways I saw your howto.

I downloaded all the necessary libraries. And I applied the how-to step
by step.

I managed to arrive to the compilation of vlc itself.

I executed ipkg/rules.zaurus config to run the configure.
These are the options for configure in the "rules.zaurus" file.
"--enable-release --prefix=/usr \
    --disable-plugins \
    --disable-gtk \
    --disable-gtk2 \
    --disable-gnome \
    --disable-gnome2 \
    --disable-qt \
    --disable-kde \
    --disable-xosd \
    --disable-ogg \
    --disable-tarkin \
    --disable-tremor \
    --disable-theorea \
    --disable-qte \
    --disable-x11 \
    --disable-xvideo \
    --enable-dummy \
    --enable-v4l \
    --enable-sout \
    --enable-fb \
    --disable-sdl \
    --enable-oss \
    --disable-alsa \
    --disable-dvd \
    --disable-dvdread \
    --disable-vcd \
    --disable-maxosx \
    --disable-freetype \
    --enable-a52 \
    --enable-faad2 \
    --enable-flac \
    --enable-libmpeg2 \
    --enable-libdvbpsi \
    --disable-mkv \
    --enable-mad \
    --enable-ffmpeg \
    --disable-pda \
    --with-tuning=strongarm1100 \
    --with-libiconv-prefix=${HOME}/arm-linux/usr \
    --with-mad-tree=${HOME}/Sources/libmad-0.15.1b \
    --with-a52-tree=${HOME}/Sources/a52dec-0.7.4 \
    --with-faad2-tree=${HOME}/Sources/faad2-20030612 \
    --with-flac-tree=${HOME}/Sources/flac-1.1.0 \
    --with-libmpeg2-tree=${HOME}/Sources/mpeg2dec-0.4.1-cvs \
    --with-libdvbpsi-tree=${HOME}/Sources/libdvbpsi-0.1.2 \
    --with-qte=${QTDIR} \

I added this ones
    --disable-wxwidgets --disable-skins2 and --disable-qte

After that I executed ipkg/rules.zaurus or (make) but it appeared an
The compilation of vlc includes these libraries: -l/usr/X11R6/lib -lXext
-lGL -lGLU

and I don't understand why it needs these libraries. 
Could you help me? Have I done anything wrong?

Thanks a lot. 

Juan Antonio Martínez Navarro <juanantonio at dif.um.es>
Departamento de Ingeniería de la Información y las Comunicaciones
Facultad de Informática
Universidad de Murcia
Teléfono: +34-968-367938

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