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Subject: VLC for VN Games Tournament CD

Hi Antoine,

My name is Markus Schneider and I am heading a long-term project which
aims to establish Vodes.Net: an interactive, democratic Network
Community-Company (idNCC).

Most interesting to you as head of the VLC project is that we are planning
to use VLC for our site and contribute financially to its further
development with no string attached. Generally, Vodes.Net is relying on
open formats (ogg, xvid) and open source  applications (e.g vlc).


This idNCC will provide services and actively generate money. However, the
money is not generated in order to make more money, but to "do good" and
is spent in the interests of four of its five ownership groups: Users,
Artists, Open Source and VN People. Academics/Rationality is the fifth
Ownership group of Vodes.Net but no money is spend for this interest

Who are the Owners of Vodes.Net?

The idNCC is owned by 8192 Beta-Testers (after the Constituting Voding
Assembly has taken place). Team Beta Tester will be enlarged to 16 384
Members to achieve a gender-neutral and multi-national ownerhsip of

Which Interests is Vodes.Net representing?

Vodes.Net does not represent the interests of capital, but of five other
interests: Open Source, Artists, Users, VN People and Rationality. Each of
those "fractions" has a 20% Voting Power.

Important economic decisions are being made by Team Beta Tester upon
proposal by Core Team VN (management). For instance, the amount of the
membership fee and the amount which goes into the infrastructure (as
opposed to content) are to be decided by Team Beta Tester via a Poll

Where is the project?

Right now Vodes.Net is in the Pre-CVA Phase I (until 4096 Users have
registered) and organizing local events:

Past (First) Event
(http://www.vodes.net/revstartshere/content/view/2/34/): Shootout between
KTH and SU in Stockholm (100+ participants and visitors)

Next Event (Spring '06): organization of the Vodes.Net fun games

Those events are being organized in order to test the software and concept
and to find interested  students who are willing to join Team Offlines and
work with us in order to achieve our goals.

Why do we contact VLC?

Vodes.Net is committed to the promotion of outstanding open source

For each event we are organizing we are making Tournament CDs which will
be given to participants free of charge. On this CD there are videos (in
XviD) of the tournament as well as some games, animations and music of VN
Artists (and a Logo of a corporate sponsor).

To create this Tournament CD we want to use Autoplay by KL-Software.
However, Autoplay only

*) links to media player, but not to VLC and
*) does not allow for playing of music in ogg format.

What we would  like to do is contact KL-Software and ask them if VLC and
Ogg are going to be included.

If VLC and Ogg are not included we are going to look for people who are
developing a (competing) Auto-play application on open source basis which
allows for using VLC and Ogg. As a basis, one can use the open source
CDInterface2 by Theodoros Antoniou.

We expect that Kl-Software is not willing to include the open Source 
support. However, if Team IT
(http://www.vodes.net/revstartshere/content/blogcategory/48/90/) is big
enough the "threat" to further develop a competing Open Source application
might have some influence on whether KL is willing to add the requested
functionality and support for VLC in particular.

What We would need?

Joining Team IT

We would need a couple of VLC Developers to join Team IT. The Goal is to
establish a Team IT pool consisting of some 64 Open Source Developers who
are interested in helping Vodes.Net achieve its Goals and develop
enhancements from time to time. There are no obligations for members of
the Team IT.

Joining Team Beta Tester

If you are interested in becoming an owner (Beta Tester) representing the
Interest of Open Source, please follow this link:

Whats in it for you?

Money: After the CVA has taken place (when 128 000/256 000 have
registered) those Vodes will be worth money. The amount of those Vodes is
- as all important decisions - being collectively decided by Team Beta

Democratic Company representing your Interest: You can see that Vodes.Net
is attempting to represent the interests of VLC. In order to do this
effectively and successfully, we need to show others your support.

Final Comments:

With a couple of known faces on the site vodes.Net is in a stronger
position and has more bargaining power - the the benefit of the five
interests we are representing.

I am sure that there are many things unanswered. I hope I made the concept
interesting enough for you to have a closer look at it. Please do not
hesitate to contact us. We can also have a chat over Skype if you want.

We have not really started promoting the concept yet because the FAQ
section and the Thesis are not written well enough. At this point wed
rather talk to a few selected people first.

Well, hope the email is interesting enough and you made it all the way
down to the end.:)


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Antoine Cellerier

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