[vlc-devel] additional playlist functionality, 2nd try :-)

jmzorko at mac.com jmzorko at mac.com
Sat Jan 7 04:45:39 CET 2006

Hello, all ...

I'm looking into the playlist handling of VLC, the idea being to add 
some additional functionality e.g. delete an item from a playlist, 
specify the insertion point of a new playlist item, possibly even the 
ability to define multiple playlists and switch between them 
dynamically and implement the idea of a "null" or "placeholder" 
playlist item (which VLC would not play until some later action 
replaced the "null" value with something real, etc).  I see that some 
of this functionality is already implemented (in 
src/playlist/item-ext.c, src/playlist/item.c, and a few other places), 
though it's not exposed via the rc interface.  So, me thinks this 
should be fairly easy to do.

My questions -- since this does seem pretty easy, i'm wondering why 
it's not there already e.g. is there some reason why, perhaps, the 
"playlist" command from the rc interface doesn't list the ID of the 
playlist items, allowing a user to specify said ID as an argument to an 
rc "delete" command?  Some hidden dragon in the code waiting to devour 



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