[vlc-devel] Timecode/Timestamp

Dunsti dunsti at vol.at
Sat Jan 7 17:46:49 CET 2006

I have a question concerning the timecode/timestamp in MPEG2-PS Video.
Who does VLC displays the timecode?
Does VLC use the timestam of every MPEG packet or does VLC use file-position
to estimate timecode?
because if i genaerate a MPEG2 videe with mplex 1.6.x (CBR) the
timecode/timestamp is correctly displayed in VLC,
but if i create a MPEG2 video with mplex 1.8.0 (VBR) the timecode/timestamp
is totaly wrong displayed in VLC, other players (like mplayer) displays the
timecode right.
pleas help.
thank you for your great player.
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