[vlc-devel] Re: chasing playlist bug ...

jmzorko at mac.com jmzorko at mac.com
Wed Jan 11 17:57:15 CET 2006

Clement et al,

This is the command line I use:

VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC -verbose --intf dummy -I rc --rc-host  
localhost:8001 /Users/jmzorko/work/playlist.m3u :sout='#duplicate 
{dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,url=}}' --sout-keep -- 
ttl 0 --loop

... which starts the playlist streaming to the address specified.  If  
I use the rc interface over telnet and add a new item, the new item  
plays locally because the new input thread isn't getting it's "sout"  
variable populated.  The sout option I pass on the command line does  
work with all of the items in the playlist, except for items I add  
via rc after the playlist is initially made, so are the sout options  
local to the playlist, or the items therein?

>> What is your command line. you need --sout=.... and not :sout=....
>> because --option are global and :option are input specific.
> If I understand correctly, he wants to use a playlist and not have any
> specific cmdline options to give.
> At the moment, "EXTVLCOPT" are always item-specific
> I guess we *could* add a global "VLCOPT" M3U field that would set  
> options
> to all playlist items. Or the other solution is to duplicate the  
> line to all items



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