[vlc-devel] removing items from playlists via rc

jmzorko at mac.com jmzorko at mac.com
Thu Jan 12 03:34:37 CET 2006

Hello, all ...

I'm experimenting with removing items from a playlist via the rc  
interface.  What i'm seeing is that, if I remove an item that is not  
currently playing, everything seems to work as expected (the item is  
removed from the playlist and does not play).  If I remove an item  
that is playing, VLC stops playback (because there is nothing to  
play).  This is also expected, but ...

... what I would like to do is implement the "remove" command such  
that, if the clip is currently playing, it doesn't remove it from the  
playlist until the clip is finished.  I'm thinking of ways to do  
this, and since the idea is to give these changes back to the  
community, I would like to do it in a way that is aligned with the  
direction that the VLC developers see VLC going.  So, I can think of  
the following options:

1. have the rc interface block if the clip is currently playing ...  
i'm not a big fan of blocking, so I don't think this is a good option
2. have the rc interface report back "can't remove now" if the clip  
is currently playing ... i'm not such a big fan of this, either,  
since it implies a polling mechanism (human or computer) and i'm not  
a big fan of polling, either
3. have the rc interface put all "remove" commands on a queue, and  
perform any remove actions queued when the current clip is finished  
(before NextItem() is called to go to the next clip) ... this would  
hopefully not necessitate the need for yet another thread (I think  
the current playlist thread could do it), but the question of QoS  
comes up if the queue is very large (should the entire queue be  
processed before the next item plays, or only the action in the queue  
that has been there the longest?)

I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of others on this (including  
if VLC already has a queue pattern in it that I can use, since I  
can't use my friends in the STL).



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